Never Enough Guns

Specializing in AK and AR Style Firearms.
Veteran Owned.

About Us

  Never Enough Guns….’nuff said!

I started my business a few years before retiring from 21 years of service in the US Army. During my last deployment in Iraq, the name for my business was born from the way that I feel. Having something to look forward to and focus on helped to get me through that hot, miserable, shitty time. 

From the very start, my business had the support of my wife, Christine. She keeps the paperwork in order and is “the shipping department.” Business began in our small one car garage and has now expanded into a dedicated shop. Today it is still the two of us, the guard dog and a couple of cats on 20 acres in Tennessee just west of Nashville. 

Initially I specialized in manufacturing AK type firearms along with a few FAL type rifles. In my opinion, these are the most widely used and reliable full auto and semiautomatic combat rifles ever made. I have built over 500 AK/FAL type firearms since 2000. 

I still build the occasional AK, Galil or FAL, but now my primary emphasis is on the AR-15 platform. The lack and cost of AK and FAL parts was a large deciding factor in this decision. My 21 years of military experience with the M-4 and M-16 platform made for an easy transition to manufacturing/assembling custom AR pistol and rifle firearms. 

While in service I did plenty of maintenance that was definitely above my authorized level to keep our weapons ready for the fight. Now having built and sold in excess of 600 ARs, my ability to tune, trouble shoot and custom assemble these rifles and pistols far exceeds what I learned from my time in the army. I also now have the tooling and training that has expanded my gunsmithing capabilities. 

Before having my own lathe and CNC mill, I would have never imagined using them on such a regular basis. The Dremel, bench grinder and files are still here but they are used much less now.

 This website is a picture gallery of my past builds and most have been sold and many of these guns cannot be easily replicated. I take pride in making high quality, well functioning firearms. See my current available custom built firearms for sale through under user name NEG. While you are there, please take note of my customer feedback and reviews. I offer building services on AR and AK style firearms.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss your interest in my service or guns. Email or call between noon and 8pm CST at 931-553-8966 or text/call 931-220-1958